Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cherax Albidus : Blue Pearl Yabbie / Blue Claw / The Victorian Blue Yabby / Blue Crayfish

Species name: Cherax Albidus
Common Names: Blue Pearl Yabbie / Blue Phase Yabbie / Yabby / The Victorian Blue Yabby / Yabbie Crayfish / Dam Yabby / Blue Claw / Blue Pearl Lobster / Australian Blue Pearl Lobster, Blue Crayfish
Genus : Cherax
Family: Parastacidae
Order: Decapoda
Class: Malacostraca
Max. size: Upto 20 Centimeter
Natural Range : Limited area of Western Victoria and South Australia 

Water Quality :
- pH: 7.0—8.0
- General Hardness: 50—300 ppm.
- Temperature  12.C – 20.C

The Common Yabby is an Australian Freshwater Crustacean where they are very common in slow-flowing or stationary bodies of water such as lagoons and back-waters. There are three sub-species: Cherax Destructor Destructor, Cherax destructor Albidus and Cherax Destructor Rotundus. An all-blue variation, called the Blue Pearl Lobster is perhaps the most common in home aquariums.

Blue Pearl Yabbies are the result of selective  breeding and some colour variations have been  quite spectacular. The name Cherax Albidus is arguable in some groups  as being thought of as just a variation of  Cherax Destructor. Cherax Albidus tends to be more  slender and has a mat of dense setae on claws. 

The  housing should be treated exactly like Cherax Destructor. They are hardy and quite comfortable  in cold or tropical water. They will dig and eat  plants so not recommended for display or plant  tanks. They can also be territorial so provide  plenty of hides. 

As yabbies grow they shed their shell and at this time can be vulnerable and eaten by other tank  inhabitants. If for any reason yabbies lose a limb, these will be regrown over the next few moults.   As with other invertebrates, they are sensitive to  copper treatments. Yabbies are also escape artist so a cover glass is needed.

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