Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Measure Crawfish / Crayfish

How to Measure the Crawfish / Crayfish is actually very easy, no need to be measured to Measure Agency, lol :-)
Simply take a ruler, then measure from the start head to the tip of the tail, as shown in picture below:

Remember, just head to the tail end of the course antecedent measure, claw did not participate in measuring, let alone antenna and mustache, is clearly not involved in measuring it

because of Crayfish / Crawfish populations in Indonesia, mostly from Australia, the Crayfish / Crawfish is generally measured in units of inch, so as not to confuse, the following unit conversion inches to centimeters Unit:

1 Inchi =  2.54  Centimeter
2 Inchi =  5.08  Centimeter
3 Inchi =  7.62  Centimeter
4 Inchi = 10.16 Centimeter
5 Inchi = 12.7   Centimeter
6 Inchi = 15.24 Centimeter
7 Inchi = 17.78 Centimeter
8 Inchi = 20.32 Centimeter
9 Inchi = 22.86 Centimeter

Crayfish in centimeter

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