Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Measure Crawfish / Crayfish

How to Measure the Crawfish / Crayfish is actually very easy, no need to be measured to Measure Agency, lol :-)
Simply take a ruler, then measure from the start head to the tip of the tail, as shown in picture below:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Procambarus Clarkii

Procambarus clarkii is a freshwater crayfish species, native to the Southeastern United States, but found also on other continents, where it is often an invasive pest. It is known variously as the red swamp crawfish, red swamp crayfish, Louisiana crawfish, Louisiana crayfish or mudbug

The native range of P. clarkii is along the Gulf Coast from northern Mexico to the Florida panhandle, as well as inland, to southern Illinois and Ohio. It has also been introduced, sometimes deliberately, outside its natural range to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and elsewhere in the Americas. In northern Europe,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Which is the correct name, Crawfish or Crayfish ?

Thomas Say  1787 - 1834

Crawfish, or Crayfish? There are heated arguments about which is the correct name. The name crawfish was used in 1817 by Thomas Say, the first American zoologist to study these animals. Crayfish was coined by the English scientist, Thomas Huxley, about 50 years later. In this part of the country they are also commonly called "crawdad", "crabs" or, in the southern part of the state, "mudbugs ". Whatever you prefer to call them, there is hardly an acre of water in Illinois (unless it is the depths of Lake Michigan) or any acre of wet land, where these small freshwater relatives of the lobster are not found. About a hundred species are known in North America, of which a half dozen are abundant in this state.

From head to tail, a crawfish is crowded with a large assortment of appendages with special uses for each. In front

Blister Tail in Crayfish / Crawfish / Crawdads Tails

Blister Tail in  Crayfish / Crawfish / Crawdadstails

Cherax Crayfish / Crawfish Sexes

distinguish male and female sexes in Cherax Family crayfish

Mexican Freshwater crayfish sexes