Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rusian Crayfish, Rusian Salad

To a Russian, the crayfish is a summertime staple as crucial to the national cuisine as caviar, and much more accessible.

If you're a fan, make it a point to visit this restaurant, since it's a glimpse of what for many Russian men is the ultimate dining experience.

The bright red crustaceans are the main draw, whether boiled in beer, spiced, or doused in cream sauce. Grilled fish is also on offer, as well as seafood-based appetizers and salads. The only appropriate beverage for a crayfish lunch is Russian beer.

The constant crunch of the shells provides a surreal soundtrack for the sight of young and middle-aged Russian businessmen on their lunch break, trying not to drip sauce on their suits.

Crayfish (or crawfish) resemble small lobsters; they are excellent as a salad, and are extensively used in garnishing fish salads.

Boil two dozen crayfish for fifteen minutes in water slightly salted break the shells in two, pick out the tail part of each, cut it in two lengthwise, remove the black ligament.

Put into a salad bowl the small white leaves of a head of cabbage-lettuce, add the fish,  pour over them a mayonnaise.

Garnish with the head part of the shells, tufts of green, and hard-boiled eggs.

Russians have countless lakes, rivers and access to the sea. Crayfish in the countryside might be like lobster is to Maine. Another alternative for the crayfish salad is simply with olive oil instead of mayonnaise.

The word crayfish or crawfish comes from the old French meaning crab.  There are fresh and salt water variaties of crayfish.

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