Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Live up your Libido with Lobster or Crayfish / Crawfish

Both women and men can experience a drop in libido starting in their midforties or fifties as hormones decline. Exercise is important because it helps relieve stress hormones, which can interfere with a good libido. You don't want to do too much or not enough — about an hour-long workout four or five times a week is best.

Or you can tap into the mental component of your sex drive by using foods that you think are sexy. Common aphrodisiacs, such as oysters, persimmons, ambrosia, lobster, crawfish, crayfish,
crawdads,cinnamon, saffron, and nutmeg, historically have been used to boost libido or to get someone interested in having sex. Live up your Libido with Lobster or Crayfish / Crawfish, It's also very important to limit alcohol intake because, as a sedative, alcohol can interfere with erections or libido. Though many variables come into play with alcohol, I would say that more than one drink in an hour could decrease libido.

In terms of herbs that help, some people use ginseng, Spanish fly, yohimbine, or maca. But you may have to take the botanical for up to six weeks before you see an effect.

In general, if both partners have declining libidos and it's not an issue between them, then there's no reason to try to change what's simply a natural part of maturing. The real issue arises when one person wants sex and the other doesn't, which can lead to frustration between partners.

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