Friday, August 5, 2011

Chitosan from Shrimps, Lobster, Crayfish / Crawfish or Crabs.

Bakso / Meatball

Chitosan is the modification of chitin, which found on the outer skin of Crustacea species such as shrimps, lobster, crayfish/crawfish and crabs.

The tipycal quality of chitosan as antybacteria with  the ability to immobilize bacteria it might caused chitosan used to be food preservation. The ability to obstruct bacteria depend on chitosan concentration. The aims of this research were knowing how long this food preservative used chitosan  would be defence in meat ball ‘bakso’, knowing the optimal concentration of chitosan for meat ball preservation and knowing the effect of
chitosan in meat ball physics, taste, also their performance. This experiments were done in two steps. The first step was the production of chitosan from shrimp skins, which the NaOH concentration was  20%W. The second step was the application of chitosan that had to be added to meatball with different concentration.

Chitosan concentration in acetic acid solvent were 0,5%, 1%, 1,5%, 2, with soaking time variable 15, 30, 45, dan 60 minute. The experiments result indicated that the optimum concentration of chitosan to preserves bakso (meatball) was 1,5 % for three days store and the optimum soaking time of chitosan was 60 minute.

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