Thursday, August 4, 2011

Effect of Calcium Addition on Foods to Frequency of Crayfish / Crawfish Moulting

The purpose of this research is to know  the effect of calcium addition on  foods to frequency of Crayfish / Crawfish (Cherax quadricarinatus)  moulting.  From this research is expected obtainable of basic information about addition of  appropriate calcium on foods,  so that can be applied as reference in increase to  frequency of Crayfish / Crawfish moulting and accelerate to growth of Crayfish / Crawfish

This research has been done during 30 days in Fisheries Indoor  Laboratory, Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries, University of  Muhammadiyah Malang. The research method used experiment by using  Complete Random Design. As for treatment is addition of calcium on foods with  different concentration, that is treatment A = 0% (without calcium addition), B =  2%, C = 4%, and D = 6%.

Result of research shows that calcium addition on foods success to  increase frequency of freshwater lobster moulting. It shown by treathment B (2%)  which has higher moulting frequency.  Then followed by treathment D (6%) =  7,00, treathment A (0%) = 6,33, and treathment C (4%) = 5,67. Calcium addition  on foods also give positive effect to survival rate and growth of Crayfish / Crawfish.

All of treathments were added by calcium show that they have higher survival rate  value than other treathments were not by added calcium. The sequential data of  the average of freshwater lobster survival rate are treathment B (2%) = 93,33%,  D (6%) = 93,33%, C (4%) = 86,67%, dan A (0%) = 80 %. Whereas the  sequential data of average to growth  of Crayfish / Crawfish are treathment  B (2%) = 0,85 g, D (6%) = 0,79 g, C (4%) = 0,78 g, dan A (0%) = 0,73 g.

It is suggested that cultivation of Crayfish / Crawfish especially on juvenile  stadia can use food that added calcium 2%, so it can increase survival rate and  growth of Crayfish / Crawfish.

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