Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crayfish Race / Yabby Race / Yabbies Race

Spirits were high as was the bidding at Australia's richest yabbie races on the Western Downs in Queensland over the weekend.

The event saw fashion, fun and frivolity, with some revellers declaring that it could easily have been Melbourne rather than Moonie.

Moonie's third annual yabbie races attracted around 300 people who watched 64 crustaceans compete in eight races.

Despite a distinct lack of rain and the global financial credit crisis, punters showed no fear.

Auctioneer and race caller Peter Daniel says $720 was the highest bid.

"I'd hate to work out what per kilo they were worth. There was a lot of spirited bidding, particularly when it came down to the calcutta for the final, where the actual previous owners of the yabbie is up for $1,000 regardless of whether they buy it or not.

"Fantastic crowd support to see the yabbies - probably average around $300 and upwards."

The winning syndicate named 'Toolbox' was well pleased with their yabbie, 2008 cup winner 'Blair Aplet'.

"This is better than the Melbourne Cup for us... he was my pick of the day this bloke, he would have won by four yabbie lengths, and he was the cheapest yabbie of the day I thought at $700."

A spokesman for the syndicate says they're now facing the tough decision of whether to start 'Blair Aplet' in Dubai or Hong Kong.

While a good time was had the day has further significance for the community, in raising money for the local sports club.

Organiser Phil Egan says it's the most important fundraising activity they have.

"The club is an integral part of the community and we got a lot of people spending a lot of time there, they come in things aren't going to well and they can talk about it to other people.

"It's a great community here."

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